The first step…

According to the WordPress stats, I started this blog 9 years ago and this is my first post. I think I’ve pretty much mastered procrastination at this point. And yet, here I am posting the first entry.

I’ve been reading about writing, learning about writing, and reading writing for several decades now. I suppose it’s about time to start the actual “writing” part. Well, except for the fact that I’m posting here instead of increasing my word count.

But even this is a tool for me to work out the writing process for myself and keep a record of my progress and ruminations on the subject as we go along. I have several parts of novels that I’ve started over the years, so I’ll probably be jumping here and there depending on the mood.

The main part that I want to focus on is the process and my own growth as a writer. To that end, I’ll probably approach this like I would approach learning a new programming language. Start writing and look up techniques and tools as I need them.

Wish me luck. 🙂


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