Circular Thinking

There is a story that I want to write. It’s the story that I think about when I go to bed and wait for sleep to find me. It’s the story I can’t stop thinking about. 

It’s a good story. It might even be a great story. 

But when I sit down to write it, I know I can’t do it justice. My skills just aren’t up to par. I realize I should try to write something else first. 

So I think of another story. And I sit down to write it. And as I do so, I realize that my skills aren’t up to par. And it’s also a good story that could be great. 

I do this for the next six stories.

And now I need a break. I listen to Writing Excuses. Brandon is talking about his early work and the book that would eventually become The Way of Kings, arguably one of he finest pieces of epic fantasy ever written. And I realize that I need to write my first book. 

I can’t move on until I get it out of my system. I need to get it out so I can do something else.

So, I sit down to write, and I realize that I can’t do it justice…


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