Thoughts on the Flash Fiction Challenge

So I barely sneaked in and got 1000 words done in a week. Less than 250 words a day. Easy, I thought. Yeah, not so much.

I have two major problems: the story didn’t accomplish the things that I wanted it to and the writing was sloppy.

So, instead of taking the next Flash Fiction Challenge, I’m going to do some revisions and see if I can’t fix it up. I may end up scrapping it altogether, but we’ll see where this goes.

Writing Problems

There’s really not much I can do about this except write more. I’ll do the best I can for now and see if I can’t add some polish.

Story Problems

Here’s the story I was trying to tell:

  • Mysterious woman has a baby. Show the bond between mother and child.
  • She sneaks her way out. This isn’t difficult since everyone seems occupied.
  • A demon beast blocks the way. Her hopes are dashed.
  • A Knight bursts through the door, and she is discouraged even further since both would have their own plans for the child.
  • They battle to a stalemate.
  • She sacrifices herself to kill the beast.
  • She makes the Knight swear to care for the child.

Not the greatest of stories, but it’s a start.

The mood I wanted to evoke was one of desperation and urgency. I also wanted readers to empathize with her and the child. The Knight and beast were supposed to be antagonists to this.

I’ll let the story sit for a few more days and then dive back into and see what I can do.


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